Flowers blooming

Overlooked Moments is a series of embroideries that highlight points in time

that usually fade into the background.

Watching big fluffy snowflakes fall

Dogs wearing shoes

Everyday life can be busy and fast paced.


Many small joys can often go overlooked.

The first sip of coffee in the morning

These small handheld pieces aim to capture these moments, and act as encouragement to cherish them the next time they are encountered.

Listening to a cat purr

Watching birds at the bird feeder

Sitting at a campfire

Watering plants

Playing with sparklers

Watching the sun rise over a lake

Being the only one at the beach

Finding a ladybug

Flipping through a new book

Find the beauty and joy in all

of the small details of life.

Use them as a form of meditation.

Skipping rocks

Slow down, relax, and enjoy every single little thing that brings you happiness.