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A person’s college years can be some of the most transformative years of their life. Many students are exposed to a newfound sense of independence. While independence is rewarding, it can also be overwhelming. The end of one’s college years can especially create a vast array of emotions, positive and negative. The social, emotional, and mental challenges faced by Huashuayo throughout the past couple of years have encouraged the development of an album and its accompanying short film. 

The short film highlights some experiences and challenges faced by a young adult from a Latino immigrant family in the 21st century. The album consists of pop, electronic, R&B, and classical musical elements that create a harmonious piece of work. The accompanying short film takes a look at Huashuayo’s memories, present-day experiences, and future aspirations. The short film centers around themes of nostalgia, identity, coming-of-age, and family. Huashuayo hopes that viewers can relate to the experience of discovering oneself to remember the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future.

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