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Through Sleep Deprived Eyes

Sleep deprivation has become an increasing problem for people over the years. It becomes even more prevalent when it comes to young adults in college and after college. Sleep deprivation can cause numerous symptoms that can have a great impact to their work and social life.

An example of something like this would be one of my friends. He suffers from the symptoms of sleep deprivation. After getting into college, he began working at a part time job, searching for internships, was meeting with friends, and tackling many assignments. Whenever he had free time, I would see him working on something. He would often work late at night for multiple days to complete one assignment. It only gets worse around midterms and final exams. If not for his other friends and I constantly reminding him to take a step back and rest, he would work until he passes out.

There are many factors that can lead to a person to be sleep deprived. After finally making it into college, there are new responsibilities and new freedom thrust upon young adults. Sometimes it causes them to have clouded priorities which can give them a harder time getting their new lifestyle in order. Social commitments, advancements in entertainment systems, extracurricular activities, and homework can get piled on top of each other which can lead to staying awake longer and getting fewer hours of sleep.

This project is a reminder for those that are going through similar circumstances and a wake-up call for those that are not aware. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious consequences and have a major impact on your life. Working is important, but so is resting.

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