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“Banana” is a series of animated drawings that explores the Asian-Americans identity while incorporating topics such as the model minority stereotypes and assimilation to mainstream American culture. With the recent rise of hate crimes against the Asian-Americans since the early days of COVID-19, Chrissy Drobish observed how her community is rendered invisible in the media and is described as “unseen” or “absent” in numerous academic studies. “Banana” features glimpses Drobish encountered during her adolescent years in a predominantly caucasian town and the similarities others in her community shared with identifying Asian-American as their own cultural group. As a media animation itself, her series seeks to share and participate in the portrayal of Asian-Americans in all media.

This Barbie Asian-American Doll features your stereotypical Asian-American. 

The Good American Doll is a model citizen of the United States, conditioned and expected to be quiet and submissive. Good Asian-Americans will be rich and become a doctor or lawyer. 


Doctor outfit includes- luxurious pink dress, white lab coat, clipboard and pen, and stethoscope.

Lawyer outfit includes- sheer white blouse, red leather belt, and black pencil skirt. 

WARNING: Some dolls have been reported faulty for not pursuing the expected career. Please toss out faulty dolls as they are not needed in our society.


Capstone Advisor: Jeff Thompson

Capstone Supervisor: Chris Manzione

Song by Esteban Ros & Chrissy Drobish

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