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Recycling is not the solution. Say NO to single-use plastics and switch to more sustainable options:

Reusable Bags

Avoid contributing to the over 14 million tons of plastic bags used by Americans every year [2][4]

Reusable Bottle

One reusable bottle can prevent the average per person rate of 300+ single-use bottles per year [2]

Bamboo Products

Bamboo toothbrushes and paper products have a lower carbon footprint because bamboo grows fast and is biodegradable [3]

Natural Sponges

Compared to synthetic sponges, natural sponges dry thoroughly and inhibit bacteria growth. They are also biodegradable [7]

Bar Soap

Liquid soap has a 25% larger carbon footprint and more soap is used per use. Bar soap lasts longer, allowing you to save money, resources, and the environment [5]

Aluminum Straws

One aluminum straw prevents contributing to the average daily waste rate of 390 million plastic straws used in the U.S. [1]

Natural Exfoliants

Replace beauty products containing plastic microbeads, which can contain over 330,000 microbeads in one bottle, with natural ingredients such as sugar or oats [6]

Shop sustainably for clothing, household supplies, and beauty products:

Package Free Shop

Sustainable, zero waste, and package free clothing, beauty products, and household supplies

Life Without Plastic

Plastic free beauty products and household supplies


Fiber clothing material produced by environmentally responsible processes sold through brand partners


Women's clothing brand that uses sustainable materials as well as provides transparency of materials used


Sustainable clothing for men, women, and children using organic cotton

Support organizations working to fight plastic pollution:


An ocean conservation group working to protect our oceans through various campaigns and policy changes

Ocean Conservancy

An ocean conservation group working with governments and volunteers to protect our oceans

Plastic Oceans

An organization aimed at educating the public on plastic pollution through films and digital content

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Coalition working with different groups and organizations to stop single-use plastic

Plastic Bank

A for-profit organization working in third world countries giving cash for plastic collected and recycling it

Support other artists bringing awareness to environmental issues:

Basia Goszczynska

An artist exploring environmental and waste issues through a variety of mediums including sculpture and installation

Etty Yaniv

An artist creating hybrid landscapes of the natural and artificial using repurposed material including plastics

Cindy Pease Roe

An artist whose work is made 100% of marine debris to educate the public about plastic pollution

Tamiko Thiel

A visual artist who works in a variety of digital media to engage the public in various areas including environmental issues

Yandell Walton

An artist who uses projection and installation to investigate environmental, social, and political issues



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