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A project exploring data and algorithms.


This project is centered on data but is generally about algorithms the constant data trail and information we leave behind is used and extorted in many ways. It is filtered through algorithms that dictate a lot of what we consume, for instance, targeted ads. In many ways’ algorithms are shaping our societal culture and changing it into many ways that aren’t easily seen. This project aims to give context to what type of data is taken and how much it can affect the everyday person.

People should be aware of what they are putting out there and should know the consequences of allowing algorithms to dictate our culture. This chrome extension is aimed to provide context to the user on examples of what could be taken. It shines light onto the hard truth of data and algorithms and how much we need to protect our information.

Similar to how a bee takes pollen and transfers it to another flower that is how your data is collected and transferred via an algorithm. Many data-driven companies rely on these algorithms to shuffle along this data to make money and push ad campaigns similar to the outcome of honey to bees. They use the persons’ data for their own personal gain. Through this chrome extension, you get a hint of what it is like to be an algorithm pointing out the pieces of data that could be useful just as a bee would collect nectar for honey.

How to install the extension

Thank you to Rebecca Sass for the artwork!

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