The Tactility of Words

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This project is as an exploration of accessibility and how by creating better design we can bring compassion into technology. While I was interested in this idea I wasn’t in love with what I was making. After this realization, my project shifted to focus on my personal experience having a disability: dyslexia.


This project explores accessibility through a reinterpretation of my experience with learning with dyslexia that is both auditory and dimensional. The project enables the participants to create a new relationship with words that is tactile and curious

By pressing down and moving your hands across the canvas the audience will be able to explore the power of language and learn about the importance of creating accessible web design.

Everything in color would appear invisible until you touch the canvas.


When the canvas is touched you can hear, see, or feel the the letters behind the canvas.

Everything in purple would activate the sound of the letter.

Everything in blue would activate light allowing a person to see the letter.

Everything in green would activate light and sound allowing one to see and hear the letters.

Everything in yellow would require the audience to feel out the letters.

The Project Doesn't End Here!

Due to COVID-19 this project was not able to be finished. In all, this work would have been 8ft tall and 4ft wide and elevated off the floor by several feet. The purpose of this extreme height is so that no person without assistance can reach all the letters to activate them. Additionally if the letters are not pushed the light or sound fades away  quickly making it hard to understand the full message without working with others. While most can read the text that is printed directly on the canvas not everyone can. 

In a world that is so depended on expressing thought through words, making obtaining information accesible should be a top priority.

Working Prototype

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